Data strategy and management for CIOs in 2023

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Goals based data strategy
Every successful strategy (what choice) starts with a goal (what destination).A CIO or a data leader needs to identify key goals and scope to successfully create a data strategy.Key goals and objectivesWhile every tech or IT te... Read More

Best Competitive Analysis For Product Managers and Product Marketers

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Competitive Intelligence/Insights is one of the most important business topics
Competitive Intelligence/Insights is probably one of the most important business topics. Chances are that you have not met a salesperson, a business leader, or an investor who doesn’t care about competition and differentiation. The reality is that competitive analyses and insights r... Read More

An Integrated Approach to Product Strategy

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Integrated product strategy and collaborative execution
Building a strategy is complex -- strategy professionals dedicate their entire lives on learning and building strategies. Similarly, with every product management opportunity, we continue to learn how product strategies get influenced by new tech and innovations.The strategy gurus l... Read More

Customer Success: Flashtalking

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Competitive adge with new ad tech product
Business Challenges and Situation Anthony Yam, the SVP of Product (CPO role) and an executive team member at Flashtalking, is responsible for finding future growth products for the company. Flashtalking is a profitable (300+ people) SaaS company with a market leade... Read More