Head of Customer Success/Experience

We offer customer experience & success and hands-on leadership tailored to your business. We have deep expertise in customer experience management, retention strategies, product-led customer success, revenue operations (revops), creating the right CRM and tech, data, and AI capabilities, and achieving customer success KPIs

Interim CX Executive

A flexible service that can be scaled up or down as needed, making it cost-effective for companies of any size. We collaborate with your product, go-to-market, engineering, and other teams to identify improvement areas in customer experience and create revops strategies and capabilities.

Customer-Centric Growth

Experienced professionals lead the head of Customer Experience service with a deep technical and business background. We achieve the key objectives by building customer-centric capabilities, for example, customer data platforms, CX designs, customer journeys/CX management, and applying the right tech/AI.

Data-Driven Decision Making

One of our core values. We utilize CX data and analytics to make decisions. We find ways to collect and analyze customer data and measure success. This approach ensures that decisions are based on facts, not assumptions, and leads to more accurate predictions and better customer outcomes.

What we own and drive

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CX Management & Personalization, Customer Retention, Revenue Operations

Improving customer experience and enabling personalization. Customer retention strategy, solution prioritization, and cross-functional collaboration. Creating revenue operations capabilities. Alignment of customer experience with your company's overall business goals and growth objectives. Helping tap into customer adjacencies to achieve growth and higher NPS.

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CX tech (CRM, Personalization AI), Solution Options & Architectures, Data management & AI

Customer experience and CRM solution architecture and implementation tailored to your overall CS strategy and GTM. Tech stack evaluation for flexibility and scalability, ROI-based investment. Customer data strategy & management, data engineering, and building AI-models to achieve customer success goals.

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Customer research & CX Design, Customer Journey Maps, and Cross-functional Collaboration

Customer research and data analysis to identify opportunities for improvement. Data-driven customer behavior, CX designs, and optimizing customer journeys. Cross-functional collaboration to launch new products, onboard & train customers, create custom solutions, or achieve RevOps goals.

We offer a consultative sales approach

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