Our Partners

We plan to offer a fully integrated strategy across your CEO office, board, sales, marketing, data science and management, and engineering.



Newport LLC and StatsLateral have agreed to work jointly to maximize value for their clients. Newport provides business advisory services to mid market company CEOs, founders and leaders to help grow, de-risk and accelerate their companies’ value. StatsLateral specializes in delivering modern tech product strategy and go-to-market strategy to executives.

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Mivance is an expert in process automation and software, data, and integration solutions. They can save teams at least 25% in effort and boosting revenue boost without additional headcount. Mivance team has decades of experience as CTOs, solution architects, and tech/product developers. StatsLateral and Mivance have agreed to work jointly to provide a one-stop shop for all product strategy & management, development, launch, and go to market.

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More Partners

We are actively signing additional partnerships to deliver integrated strategy across the whole enterprise

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