Chief Growth Officer (CGO)/Head of Go-to-market

We offer GTM strategy, execution and leadership tailored for your company.
Our deep expertise in B2B and B2C go-to-market strategy, ad-tech, mar-tech, and CRM capabilities to help your marketing and sales leaders achieve more.
For best results, we offer hands-on execution of marketing and growth strategies

Interim CGO as a Service

A flexible service that can be scaled up or down as needed, making it cost-effective for companies of any size. We collaborate with your product, sales, and customer success teams to identify improvement areas in go-to-market, create a strategic plan, and leverage the right tech, data, and AI capabilities.

Results Driven Go-to-market

We always take a results-driven approach and have a proven track record of delivering tangible results for our customers. We take a data-driven approach and deliver on metrics and KPIs that matter most to our customers' goals. If we can't measure it, we wouldn't recommend doing it. One of our core values.

Personalized Approach

We understand different business models (SaaS, transactional, subscriptions, etc.) and we offer a fully tailored approach. As head of GTM, we leverage your customer journeys with your brand/product, refine sales & marketing processes, and leverage specific channels or omnichannel execution.

What we own and drive

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Go-to-market Strategy, Design, Capabilities

Cross-functional strategic support to CMO and CRO, Evaluation of new markets, customer segments and GTM designs. Quickly develop new GTM capabilities and experimentation to refine strategy without overburdening existing resources

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Marketing Ops (mar-tech), Solution Architecture, Data Management & AI

Marketing & sales tech solution architecture and implementation tailored based on overall GTM strategy and KPIs. Tech stack evaluation for flexibility and scalability, ROI-based investment. Data strategy & management to enable AI for market differentiation

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Multidisciplinary Teams and Processes

Multidisciplinary approach to achieve growth objective including product, organic and paid marketing, business development, sales, partnerships, and customer success. No dependence on unicorn hires

We offer a consultative sales approach

Discuss your GTM priorities with a no-strings-attached discussion