Improved CSAT and CTR at Comcast: A Modern Architecture

Improved CSAT and CTR at Comcast: A Modern Architecture



Comcast, a Fortune 100 telecom and media company, wished to improve home security solutions for existing and new customers. The objectives were to scale the solution, enhance security measures, and enhance user experience.


Comcast's home security system had been built on a monolith architecture lacking scalability and advanced data security. In addition, customers wanted features like real-time monitoring, personalized security alerts, and automated system adjustments. As a trusted brand, the team needed to ensure the security of user data.



Microservices Architecture for Home Security


Our senior architect proposed microservices-based architecture for a home automation suite of applications. This architecture allowed for the integration of various services, such as camera pairing, integration with other smart devices, unusual activity detection, and automated emergency response.


The modular nature of microservices facilitated easy updates and maintenance, keeping the system agile and up-to-date with the latest tech advancements.


Robust Security


Our expert implemented stringent security measures in light of the sensitive nature of home security data. End-to-end encryption was deployed for data in transit and at rest, ensuring that customer data remained secure and private. Regular security audits were conducted, and compliance with industry standards was strictly maintained to protect against data breaches.


Efficient Handling of Large Data Volumes and Real-Time Streaming


We evaluated and implemented modern tech like Cassandra for scalable and efficient data storage, which was critical for the vast amounts of data generated by security systems. With modern real-time data streaming, we recommended and implemented Kafka for the immediate processing of security alerts and data from various sensors and cameras. The new solution enabled Comcast to provide real-time security monitoring and immediate response, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the home security system.





  1. Customer Satisfaction: The improved system performance and robustness increased customer satisfaction by 20%.
  2. Scalability and Flexibility: The new architecture was highly scalable, and maintenance and upgrades were easy to implement with the new microservice architecture. These improvements impacted customer retention KPIs by 10%.
  3. Enhanced Data Security: Stronger data security measures significantly reduced vulnerabilities, bolstering customer trust.
  4. Improved Data Handling: The system's ability to handle large data volumes and real-time processing improved efficiency and response times in critical security situations.

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